Ductless Air Conditioner Brands

Top Ductless Air Conditioner Brands

You wouldn’t buy a car without first doing a bit of research and you shouldn’t buy an HVAC system that way either. Start by learning a bit more about the different brands available to you on the market and consult with a professional installer to see which one is right for you.

Daikin & Fujitsu Are Top Ductless Air Conditioner Brands

When it comes to setting the standard for innovation and technology, Daikin is considered one of the top ductless air conditioner brands in the world. For more than 90 years they have served as many as 70 countries by creating the most efficient, environmentally friendly air conditioners on the market. They have revolutionized the way people and businesses alike think about ductless HVAC. In fact, they have as many as 20 models available that qualify for federal tax credits, showing just how confident this brand has attracted over the years.

Fujitsu is also considered among the top ductless air conditioning brands but not for its 35 years of experience. Instead, Fujitsu has carved out a reputation for its commitment to being green. Their green policy and involvement in the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical systems like HVAC) allows them to protect the environment. They do this by forcing larger corporations and manufacturers to cut down or eliminate the use of harmful substances like cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and lead when creating anything from vehicles to HVAC systems.

While both brands make a strong case for being at the top of their class, you may need a bit of help determining which is right for you. While there is no wrong answer here, staying on a budget could mean listening to the advice of a professional who is familiar with both brands.

Let Ductless Air Conditioner Toronto Help You Find Which Of The Top Ductless Air Conditioner Brands Is Right For You

Calling 416-477-5887 to get started means you have access to more than 30 years of HVAC experience. Our dedicated team would be more than happy to go over your options and even send a technician to assess your home before making recommendations. After all, every home is different so let us help you narrow down your choices and navigate through the different top ductless air conditioner brands until you find what works for you. Rest assured that we’ve seen, installed, and repaired it all, so we can answer any questions you have so you can make informed decisions.

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